Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend in Review 4

I feel as though the weekend was really very uninspiring.  It just seemed to pass in a blur and I don't have any real enthusiasm for recording it.

I baked on Sunday morning for a birthday afternoon tea for my besties birthday.  I made gluten free butter kisses

and a gluten free chocolate caramel slice.  All very yummy.  I also made osso buco and an interesting Persian lamb and rhubarb stew for evening meals.

I managed a grand total of possibly 10 treble crochets on my rug!  And I did did about 4 strips on one Russian doll quilt. 

The washing machine has broken down. As has the printer and the screen/monitor.  Part of the back fence has blown over in the massive storm we had here on Sunday. The wind also dislodged a couple of pickets off the front picket fence!  I managed to get grease and petrol all over my favourite red winter coat on its very first outing after the dry-cleaners so it's back at the dry cleaners!

I'm on anti-biotics again!  And now being treated for fibromyalgia.

Oh dear woe is me....I think I better eat some worms!  :))


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Pange said...

Gluten free bikkies much better optin than wormd.