Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bonkers for Honkers

I realise my blog has been so little about craft this year.  Apologies to those readers who follow for craft...but it's been quite a year so far.

The flat renovation project CONSUMED me it seemed, so now that it is done, I will be free-er. Also, we are finally seeing the winter rain and cooler weather.  It's such a relief after the looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg hot summer!  Straight away I want to bury myself away with my fabric hoard and play....why must I work...why oh why :)....

But before I do that I want to share some pics with you of my first ever trip to Hong Kong, courtesy of work. It is a crazy mad place that pulsates life.  It is so vibrant and alive.  How lucky was I to score a free trip for work!  Unbelievable.  Work did take up rather a lot of time (unfortunately ...but that was why I was there) so I didn't do too much of anything touristy other than the markets, some shopping and dim sum!  Yum, yum!  I was totally overwhelmed by the shops...Nothing I'd heard prepared me for the volume of designer label shop after shop after shop....they are mad for it.  I lost count of how many Tiffany, Chanel, Gucci, Coach, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Bvlgari, Burberry shops - and the list goes and on and on -  I saw. It got me thinking about consumerism quite a bit.  There were people buy everywhere.  I was enjoying watching and absorbing a new environment. Australia has such a tiny tiny population compared with so much of the rest of the world that out impact on the environment is so tiny compared with what Asia is faced with.  As usual I digress....

Here are a few pics

I loved this book installation at the trade show

Bamboo scaffolding!
 Chefs at work at the Michelin star dim sum restaurant.

 Completely defeated by dim sum!

 A new do!

Fresh seafood restaurant - the aerators are bubbling away

Trams - I didn't know there were trams!

The highrise buildings everywhere.

A junk floating around

A ferry ride from HK island to Kowloon - a must do!

Marvelling at how white their laundry is.

Oh My!  19 floors of shopping at Times Square....too much!

 Ladies fave

Ring-a-ding-ling-bling market stall...I loved these!


Scaffolding Hong Kong style - it's ALL Bamboo!
Pretty Shop Windows

And my splurge...a Kate Spade Wallet.  I love it!
Let the crafting begin.  I have 8 weeks to make a quilt as a wedding present...a real challenge for me - my quilts are usually years in the making.....

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