Monday, September 02, 2013

Bits and bobs

My weekend was busy with bits and bobs.  I had minimal time for my crafty pursuits and spent time dreaming of an extra day at home, just to be and sew.  Anyhoo, not to here's a quick reflection of what I did have time for.
New cushion covers for the day bed seat in the lounge room.  The colour scheme is aqua/blue/red to match the kitchen colours so I went on the hunt for some cushion covers, even though I am making some.  I've bought half a dozen inserts from Ikea, along with the red sheet that covers the mattresses.  I do plan to make an aqua/red quilt, but a $9 sheet will do in the meantime.  You know me, it could be years before the quilt is ready for action!  I found these great Union Jack covers on special at Bed, Bath and Table, my all time favourite store in the universe of the world...and thought 'YES'.  After my fantastic holiday in Scotland and England, I am honouring my heritage and love of the country!  Don't they look great?  I am happy, happy with them and love looking at them.
The smaller Hare-y cushion came from Kelso, Scotland as a gift from family when I celebrated my birthday with them while I was there.  I have a very soft spot for bunnies, rabbits and hares.
Now here's a pic of the first of the cushions I'm making to add to the Union Jacks.
They are going to be so fun...I'm going to quilt around the large flowers...eeek it will be my first attempt...wish me luck :)
And all I managed of the hexies was about 4 this weekend, but I did spread it over the bed to guage the size....still a lot to go really!  Lucky I LOVE making it.  Yep totally addicted to hexies....
Looking good, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog only a little while ago and absolutely love it - I have read it all and am so inspired by what an incredible woman you are... So I just had to leave a message to let you know I still often think of you and your girls and wonder what you are up to... And your little blog has given me a glimpse of the awe-inspiring life you have been leading for the past few years. I continue to be amazed at how you actually manage to keep up with your own life! Much Love Stephanie.