Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flower Power

So here's a few snaps from a funny old week.  Monday I was up bright and early to take Bridgie to have here wisdom teeth out - all four of them.  Lots of TLC required, including the making of lots of soft food...scrambled eggs, soup in an array of flavours, mornay, frozen yoghurt, drinks, regular icing and medication.  It's now Thursday and one side is giving her much discomfort. We watched a couple of feel good movies all time fave...Mamma Mia.  God I love that film!  It is so much fun.  I love that age is no barrier to aphrodité!

Here's a pic of the patient - post op!  I had to snap a few (to store away for the 21st!)  I am a mean mother, remember?

Last night was a real treat - George is appearing in the play "'Illyria" a Curtin Uni production at Hayman theatre.  It's about war and new beginnings, quite intense and particular scenes incredibly confronting. Very well done.  George is a stand out in the production...of course!  It is absolutely incredible to watch your child perform.  She has such talent and I'm not just saying that :)).  It is so  so much fun to watch her theatre.  The roles she plays are so diverse.  She has great comedic timing too - not that last night was a comedy - her previous role was. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any post show photos (hopeless mother!) - hopefully on Friday night when I hope to see it again, ticket sales permitting - I was busy meeting all her co-performers and chatting about the performance.  The movement in it is very graceful in parts. 

This morning as I left for work I took joy in the wisteria flowering on my front verandah.  It is so true what they say about FLOWER POWER.  It is a great salve.  It is so beautiful.

And across the road is this divine tree, covered in flowers.  The delicate scent is beautiful.  I keep forgetting the name of it.....this time every year it puts on a great show.


Today I am off the funeral of a friend...2 deaths in 1 week...very sad. Dave was a very funny man, always making those around him laugh.  And so positive.  He was really pissed off he got cancer - he had so much to do with his beautiful Dorothy.  He leaves a great big gaping hole in a lot of people's lives.  What did he say...the glass is half full, and the other half was very nice...thank you!

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