Monday, September 16, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt

I've jumped on board the Scrappy Trip Around the World bus or jet plane.  I made my first block yesterday and OMG it was so much fun.  I have another one nearly done...but I'm so time scrappy trip is going to be more like a slow boat around the world, but hey, that's ok, I get to savour every step of the journey.  No whistle-stop tours for me! I like to immerse myself in the different cultures of the if I manage a block a week, I think that's close to a year to have enough blocks to make a quilt?

My trip has started in Iceland.  As I made the block, I thought about what the colours in the block made me think of - as in which country they brought to mind.  I settled on Iceland for my first.  Not sure why, I've never been there, but I thought the grey reminded me of the volcanic rock and the bleak landscapes I've seen and the green for the very green grass when it's not covered in snow.  they have those grass roofed houses there. The orange because I recall seeing bursts of colour in their buildings, mainly their rooves and also because I'm sure in Spring some beautiful wildflowers pop up and add colour and the birds chirp away. I imagine you hear the sound of seagulls a lot in Iceland. Perhaps one day I'll see it for myself...until then I'm happy with my thoughts and block making. Very happy.

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Lizzet said...

I love that pattern! It is so quick and fun to make. I can't wait to see the rest of your blocks.