Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Start

Today I begin a new job. I posted 11 months ago of my job loss. It has been an interesting time for me. I have explored a few different lines of employment - the steadiest was cashier at a local fruit/veg/continental supermarket. It offered great flexibility with hours which I really appreciated after years of 9-5 and I've loved my customers - they're with you for a minute and then gone! Only return when they need something else. Any problems I simply rang my bell and passed them over whilst I kept the line moving! Joy after years and years of troubleshooting for troublesome clients. The compromise for a role like this one though is cash flow - nothing like what I'm used to earning, and mind numbing repetitive work (again another plus after years of mental exhaustion). New year, new beginings I started looking for a new role to add to my list of life experiences and the universe has not let me down. Perfect school friendly hours 4 days a week back in the promotional products trade that I lived in for 9 years. I'm exciting to be doing something with new people, improving the cash flow and (hopefully) becoming a valued team member in a new environment. Interestingly I found my experience of last year had hurt me more than I'd admitted, but a new beginning like this one may be the healing experience I need. But then no expectations and an open mind is the best way to approach my new role. Wish me luck....

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