Friday, February 05, 2010

Wavy Crochet Love

I've been absent from blogland during the renovation, but now I have a working camera (yeehaa) and a designated creative space (yeehaa, yeehaa) with working computer ( 3 x yeehaa) there is no stopping me. It is so so thrilling to walk up the stairs to MY PLACE. It is a truly beautiful area (photos to come). I'm transported to a wonderful, wonderful place every time I arrive. Whilst absent from blogging I haven't been absent from creative bits and pieces. Here is my latest crochet project. I'm just finishing the edges. It's a totally random colourway, I just let the yarn jump in where it wanted to. It was mega fun to make, snippets of joy time every moment I have spent on it - a wonderful distraction from the horrors of renovating. I've nearly used up all the bits on the random frill around the edge - which means a trip to my LYS for more stash building..can you feel me skipping?!

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