Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Takes one odd molly to know one odd molly!

I would love to design fabric and clothes and perhaps one day I will. I'm often reminded of my secret dream when I'm out shopping and everything seems the same and I'm confronted by chain store after chain store. The clothes are the same, the layout of the shop is the same, same, same same. Is there a secret society to clone the world? I'm so over it. I want originality/uniqueness/individuality/attention to detail. (I have one exception to chain stores - anthropolgie - But I've never been to one in a mall. Do they do that? I hope not.) Shopping malls are soul-less places. I much prefer strip shopping precincts - walking in and out of fresh air, stopping for coffees, meandering into side alleyways. Anyway I recently found a shop in Subiaco Perth, called Emporia, that has lots of different stuff. Before Christmas I bought a dress - the label Odd Molly - I love it. I googled the label and found the website and oooh and aaahed over everything. I'm going to seek it out when I need something new, now I know where to head. The dress pictured is another one I'd love to get my hands on..... And Odd Molly makes crochet garments look oh so tres chic!

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