Sunday, November 20, 2011

A new bag is on the needles

Lately I've had lots of new bag style ideas swimming around in my little brain.  Colours, dimensions, names, patterns, yarns.  It's a total creative buzz high!!  It's consuming me and I can't knit fast enough to see them all into fruition!!  I knit a row and look at the colours and just get more excited as it grows and evolves into my vision.  Ah I love the creative process, it makes me feel alive and like skipping everywhere!!!

There's a couple on the needles, but this is the one I'm concentrating on... here's a sneak peak.  It will change so much between now and being finished and that is so exciting...exactly what will it look like finished ... will the felting process fuse it and transform it as I imagine.  I won't know 'til it's done, so I'd better get back to the knitting!!!

It already looks different....I'm using up all the scraps...  Project Delete Wool Reserves  is making progress.


Sue xx said...

he he watching with interest and wishing I didn't already have 3 other 'projects' to finish off,


millefeuilles said...

Wonderful! That creative buzz is absolutely amazing, isn't it? I revel in it.

I am looking forward to seeing this bag when it's off the needles... so far it looks most promising.