Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our day in Aix en Provence

Nice to meet you Mr Cezanne! I love the idea of time travel - wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to sit and have a chat with people you admire from history.  Not a new idea, I know, but I love the idea. Perhaps I could have been an artist's muse!  Ha!   I loved "Lost in Austen" and I must see Midnight in Paris before it finishes at the cinema.  Roaming around Aix En Provence I lost myself in visualisation and imaginings of Cezanne in the cafes, walking the streets, echos of voices passionately discussing brush strokes etc....

An exhibition on Australia at the local museum.

Back to the ship for a well earned liquid refreshment to accompany my baguette - the best baguette EVER!  Hiding in the bag is the cheese and fresh raspberries!

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Sue xx said...

what a beautiful city, lovely photos tfs