Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunday Outing: Coffee and Cake....

On Sunday I headed out for cake and coffee with a couple of my besties.  I took them over and introduced them to the delights of Sherbert Bake Shop in Maylands.  We each indulged in a delicious cake from their amazing selection of made-on-the-premise goodies and a terrific flat white coffee and nattered away an hour or so.  My chocolate and almond cake was so so yummy it will be hard to go past it on my next visit.  Oh the angst ...the same again or try something new...

The shop has a lovely retro vintage shabby chic vibe going on

As you can see I wasted no time tucking into mine....I did order first ....!!!

Perth has no end of great coffee shops - and I am on a mission to discover and go to them all....... so far this rates in the top 5!

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