Friday, November 04, 2011

Scrappy Hexie Patchwork Quilt Progress Report

Recently I took all my hexies over to a friend's house and put them up on her design wall to have a look at my progress.  It was very exciting stepping back and seeing it all - it's so different than spreading them over the bed or floor. It's now been 21 months in the making (probably at least that to go!!)  I haven't stitched a stich in months, but am keen to make a bit more headway over summer. I'd like it to be big enough for a queen bed.  The pattern is completely random.  I toy with the idea of a second one with a pattern to it, or one made from my Liberty Tana Lawn stash, but that's a way in the future (possible) project.

I started using scrap fabric from all the quilts I've made to date, then I visited my mum who gave my hexies my grandmother had made in the 80s and 90s that hadn't made it into any of the quilts she made before she passed away, so I've added those in too.  Mum also gave me some old pieces of fabric from dresses we had as children so I've put those in as well. It's fast becoming a nostalgia quilt! Typical of me.  I'm very sentimental in many ways.

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Sue xx said...

he he I gave up after 18 months and made my hexies into a piece big enough for a large cushion cover!