Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh my, oh my!

I'm having palpitations!  Look at this Christmas tree skirt from anthropologie!!  So exciting - it has caused major creative stimulation of the brain.  For years I have had the odd thought of making a Christmas tree shirt.  I've seen some gorgeous ones in shops, none I've felt compelled to buy, because I really want mine to be home made.  I've been accumulating Christmas fabric for years now with no particular projects in mind.  I've used some of it to creatively drape around the bottom of the tree for the pressies to sit on which has been perfectly fine....every year I choose something different and if the pets have a field day with it - it's no stress - just wash it and fold it an put it away again. But I never ever thought of a knitted or crocheted one!!  It was a slap to the forehead - this is my style!  Doh!  So now the journey begins, pattern, style, colours..... There's no time frame, no pressure...I am in my year of deleting wool reserves so no new wool can be purchased, but that's fine - I can design and plan away which is such an exciting part of the creative process.  I'm all tingly!

Thank you Anthropolgie - I do love you! 

Please share any other Christmas Tree Skirts or links to - I am on a mission to look at what wonderfully crafty blogland has to's one I found today on a short blog browse The Hood: A Christmas Tree Skirt over at Fresh Lemons; so inspiring and providing lots of food for thought and idea generation for my own skirt. I mean how serendipitous is that!!! Spooky!

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