Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Book Review

I have just finished Anh Do's (pronounced Dough) book The Happiest Refugee for my book club.  Simply put, I enjoyed it.  It's a light hearted read, covering some not so light-hearted times in his life.  He thinks himself so lucky and blessed - which I think he is - totally, blessed with a great disposition and outlook on life.

As he has a profile in the Australian media arena, it was interesting to know more about him and his background.  Also, reading the book in today's current political climate, where the media have a field day with the term Boat People, which I abhor. These people are not viewed as refugee's fleeing terrible war-torn countries or human rights atrocities, but as queue jumpers.  I cringe as an Australian, on our treatment of refugees. Every Australian would benefit from reading and knowing one refugee's story.

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