Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Easter.  Apart from plans on Friday, I have nothing, absolutely nothing, planned yet for the other 3 days of the holiday. I'm thinking of devoting hours to my hexie quilt, sitting on my bed, watching dvd's in my pj's.  I am so excited at the prospect, I can't tell you.  Perhaps I'll mix it up a bit with some baking and the odd walk or 2 or 3 - oh and definitely some reading, some hand quilting and some knitting and crochet, although I am thinking of concentrating on one project - hexies!! My girls are working quite a lot, so it will be me and Tilly hanging out.

Back to my hexies.....I have a way to go yet before the quilt top fits my king size bed....so I hope to get it done this weekend!  I can't wait to sit and stitch and stitch and stitch....

Here's a few zoom in's....................aren't they beeee--ute-eeeee-full!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes this little witchy-poo will be very much in all long weekend.  Stop by for a cuppa if you're around and game - there may be a slice of something delicious on offer to boot :)

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Mad about Craft said...

Enjoy your weekend!