Monday, April 28, 2014

My weekend away

My weekend away was just what I needed.  It was lovely to leave Perth behind and look out at countryside, albeit very, very dry countryside, passing fields of cattle, sheep, horses, goats, corn!

Also stopping to taste cheese and visit quilt shows in 2 country towns.  Below are just a few pics from the Quilt Show in Balingup.  I was too busy looking at the Waroona quilt show and forgot to take any photos.  In fact when I look over the photos I did take, it strikes me as an odd assortment. I've collated I few here to give you an overview, although there's a lot left out. 

Quite a bit of time was spent reading - leisurely mornings in bed with the first cuppa of the day, and last thing at night.  I am totally into my latest book by Kate Atkinson "Life after Life". Dinner at the Bridgetown Hotel, a little bit of stitching, lots of chatting and laughing.  My friend's friends were wonderful hosts and great company, even if they said they'd never take up quilting as a hobby!  They were great sports and came to the Balingup quilt show with us and Sandra and I were able to educate them a little. They both gained insight and appreciation as we talked them through different techniques.

Sweet little squares

I liked this geometric block

My favourite - a scrappy quilt

The entire scrappy quilt

Mosaic detail in Balingup

Donnybrook apples

the big apples gracing the main street - New York eat your heart out!

 Fun at the fair - our day out at Balingup Small Farm Show

A miniature Dexter next pet! I didn't know such a thing existed!!  Miniature cows - absolutely adorable!

Sheep shearing demonstration

Scarecrows abounded in Balingup town and at the show

I don't know why but this one makes me think of Johnny Depp?

The view over the hills at Bridgetown from where we stayed

Someone liked my handbag!

A pair of 1960s tapestries, evoked wonderful memories of my trip to Egypt in the 80s. I sailed down the nile in a felucca and saw the pyramids and rode a donkey or 2 - all of which are depicted in these 2 beauties.

this irresistible pirate seal!  A gift for my mother who collects seals, although I'm not sure I can part with this fella!
An old Lionel Rose record.  I can sing all the words to the song "I Thank You"!! I put it on the shop and sang along. So did some other browsers...others I'm sure just thought quietly to themselves....bonkers!!

A mosaic bench

A fab bike outside a great kitchen shop in Bridgetown - tempting everyone to ride off on it!

I hope your weekend was fun too.  Thanks for stopping by!


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