Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quilt History

It occurred to me that I have not documented all the quilts I've made - I think I've completed 13 in total.  Pink and green, blue and brown, Floral Parade, Black white and aqua, black and white, Flea Market Fancy, Ode to a Rose, Floral Fiesta, Blue Farm, Amelia's, Maya's, Retro Squares, Blue Lagoon Liberty quilt. Perhaps I just haven't labelled them in my sidebar but anyhoo, I thought I'd have a summary post, just so I have a record of my quilting history, albeit a very tiny one.  I mean that's the whole idea of this blog for me - documenting my creative journey amid my daily life.

Black and White Quilt

Flea Market Fancy Quilt

Floral Fiesta Quilt

Ode to a Rose Quilt
And just for my reference too - I have the following quilts-in-progress.

1. My scrappy trip around the world.
2. My cowgirl boho.
3. My hexie quilt
4. My 9 patch quilt
5. My Hammock quilt
6. My Russian Doll Quilt
7. My Chelsea Flower Show quilt
8. And another as yet unnamed quilt similar to Ode to a Rose.

Right yes well.....there's a bit to get on with isn't there!! :)

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