Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fatigue Funk

I'm heading away for 2 nights over our long weekend this weekend for some time in the country.  It's sort of a quilting retreat as my friend and I are taking along a project each which we will spend a little bit of time on, whilst exploring the Bridgetown area.

I'm taking my hammock quilt, to work on the hand quilting.  I'm sure it will be lovely. I'm hoping I'll be good company as my energy level is very, very low.

I've been to the doctor today and it seems I can add another condition to my growing list.  I'm a bit fed up with my body.  I've had a bad couple of weeks with extreme fatigue again. I've constantly felt like I'm coming down with something, but it never eventuates - which is good, I know.  It's not developed into the full blown flu, but I'm so over feeling like I'm coming down with it.  Everything aches and my limbs feel terribly heavy.  I'm acting positive and interested with all those around me at work, when I just want to curl up in a ball.  I have a rash spreading over both calves.  It's incredibly itchy and red and sore.  It's been diagnosed as Urtrical Vasculitis. It can be idiopathic, however, my GP thinks I can add Sjogren's Syndrome to my list, as it is often associated with this condition, and given my dry eyes and mouth and aches and fatigue, blah, blah, blah,'s all pointing to SS.  It's also associated with Lupus.  Who knows? The symptoms are so interchangeable, for Hashimoto's, Fibromyalgia, CFS, plantar fasciitis, gluten intolerance, Bursitis, Badly degenerated back, Sjogren's Syndrome and Lupus.  Chicken, egg, chicken, egg, egg, chicken...I give up!  What should I treat first?

What I think my body is telling me is that it can't cope with my stressful work environment and the constant stress of budgets and sales targets - let alone full time work, so I need to figure out a way of living on less money, working less and coping with all that without creating further financial stress, but I'm way too tired to think constructively.  Murphy's Law! 

I'm thinking of going RAW - a raw food diet.  I've read testimonials that this has helped people with auto-immune and I know myself that going gluten free has made a HUGE difference, so I just have to get my head around this new dietary initiative and plan for it and make it happen.  I'll try anything. In the meantime, I just try and remember, it's just a rough trot, not a disastrous life :)

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